GN Poland

 Junior Creative Designer 

Gaming? Check. Esports? Check. Hardware? Check. Software? Check. We could go on and on. The point is we’ve been helping gamers get better since 2001. In fact, Esports pros have won more money using SteelSeries products than any other brand and we’re just getting started. Esports and Gaming are multi-billion-dollar industries, and we’re going to continue supporting them through innovative gear and software gamers need and love.


We believe in being true to the gaming community, which means being true to ourselves. We create products that help the best of the best be better, and products that help the not-so-good feel not-so-bad.  Most of us are gamers, but you don’t have to be, we promise!  Just don’t be surprised if you become one within a few weeks of starting!


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GN Poland

Center IT i R&D in Poland

Full time oportunity

Warsaw / remote

Brain Embassy, Warsaw/Poland

About you:

  • 1 to 2 years of experience creating and editing digital media with a focus on video content.
  • Able to adapt existing creative assets for a wide variety of digital ad platforms.
  • Experience with both static and video media a must.
  • Experience with creative A/B testing preferred.NECESSARY SKILLS:
  • Knowledge of and general skills within Adobe Creative Suite programs, specifically, Photoshop and After Effects.
  • Know how to communicate across organizational teams with stakeholders responsible for different aspects of content creation and organization.
  • Attention to detail and punctuality.
  • Multitasking, specifically being able to organize multiple content workflows for multiple campaigns at a time.

More information:


  • Work closely with Global Creative
  • Team and Digital Media team to produce creative assets.
  • Gain a solid understanding of your individual goals, team operations, and business objectives.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of various ad platform creative requirements.


  • Created a variety of creative ad assets including image ads, video ads and responsive assets.
  • Established a personal process that takes advantage of the various creative tools ad platforms provide
  • Understand and implement data insights from A/B testing.


  • Contribute to ideation of A/B test opportunities, creative concepts, campaign executions, and creative capabilities.

The offer:

Employees get the opportunity to work on projects that have a meaningful impact on people's lives. The company's mission is to make life sound better, and employees are encouraged to be creative and innovative in achieving this goal.

The company culture at GN is dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging. The company is constantly evolving, which means that employees can learn and grow in their careers.

GN has a global presence, with offices and operations in multiple countries. This means that employees have the opportunity to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as well as the chance to travel and work on international projects.

All employees are valued highly and are offered a range of development opportunities to help them grow in their careers. This includes training and development programs, mentoring, and coaching.

GN is a company that values innovation and encourages its employees to think outside the box. This creates a culture of creativity, where employees are encouraged to explore new ideas and approaches to solve existing or future problems.

GN brings people closer through our leading intelligent hearing, audio, video, and gaming solutions. Inspired by people and driven by innovation, we deliver technologies that enhance the senses of hearing and sight. We help people with hearing loss overcome real-life challenges, improve communication and collaboration for businesses, and provide great experiences for audio and gaming enthusiasts.

GN was founded more than 150 years ago with a vision to connect the world. Today, inspired by our strong heritage, GN touches more lives than ever with our unique expertise and the broadest portfolio of products and services in our history – bringing people closer to what is important to them. We market our solutions with the brands Jabra, ReSound, SteelSeries, Beltone, Interton, BlueParrott, Danavox, and FalCom in 100 countries. Founded in 1869, GN Group employs more than 7,000 people and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (GN.CO).  Visit our homepage and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebooku and X.